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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] This appliance complies with the relevant safety regulations for electrical appliances and is fitted with noise suppression. about these instructions Read and follow the operating and installation instructions. They contain important information on how to install, use and maintain the appliance. The manufacturer is not liable if you disregard the instructions and warnings in the operating and installation instructions. [. . . ] 12 Button "lock" function If this function is switched on, no settings are possible via the controls. switching on the appliance When connected, the appliance is switched on. The factory has recommended the following temperatures: The temperature can be set from 2 °C to 8 °C. Using the temperature setting button 4, to set the required refrigerator compartment temperature. Use the temperature setting button 4 to set the required freezer compartment temperature. If the appliance is left open for longer than one minute, the door alarm (red door handle light) switches on. Close the door or press the "alarm off" button 10 to switch the door alarm off again. Note The alarm can also be switched off using any other button, but this will also trigger the respective button function. temperature alarm The temperature alarm switches on if the freezer compartment is too warm and the food is at risk of thawing. Press the "alarm off" button to switch off the warning signal. Note The alarm can also be switched off using any other button, but this will also trigger the respective button function. The audible and optical signal is actuated without risk to the frozen food in the following cases: When switching on the appliance. The set temperature of the freezer compartment flashes on the display panel. "alarm off" is displayed and the red door handle light is switched on. The temperature alarm stops as soon as the set temperature has been reached again. The food can then be placed directly on the shelves and stacked in the lower frozen food container. Note Ensure that the freezer compartment door has been closed properly. When the freezer compartment door is closed, a low pressure occurs, causing a sucking noise. This ensures optimum temperature distribution in the freezer compartment. Temperature in the supermarket freezer must be Insulated bag and place quickly in the freezer compartment. Freezing capacity within 24 hours can be found on the rating plate (see diagram at chapter "Customer service"). To retain the best possible nutritional value, flavour and colour, vegetables should be blanched before freezing. [. . . ] The appliance should not be installed in direct sunlight or near a heat source (e. Allow warm food and drinks to cool down before placing in the appliance. Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator compartment and use the low temperature of the frozen food to cool refrigerated food. Ensure that the freezer compartment door is always Fit wall spacers to obtain the indicated energy rating of the appliance (see "Installing the appliance", section "Ventilation"). [. . . ]


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