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[. . . ] Abnormal wear and tear of parts (grinding disks, valves, seals) is exempted from the guarantee, as well as damages caused by foreign objects in the grinding mill (e. 1 Emptying the coffee grounds collector, the cleaning tray and the drip tray 7. This machine must only be used with approved accessories for the guarantee to be valid. Accessories (sold separately) F 088 Claris – Aqua Filter System Cartridge (not supplied) XS 4000 KRUPS Cleaning fluid for Cappuccino system (not supplied) XS6000 Auto-Cappuccino Set (not supplied) This product may differ from the photos F 054 Descaling powder (one sachet supplied) XS 3000 Packet of 10 cleaning tablets (two tablets supplied) IFU_KR_COFFEEMAKER_EA69xx_0828344_EN 17/06/10 16:51 Page1 ENGLISH EN Coffee bean container lid Coffee bean container Servicing flap with cup rest Display screen Rotating button Cleaning tray Coffee grounds collector Water level floats Grinding fineness setting button Metal grinding wheel Cleaning tablet pipe View from above 1 DESCRIPTION Water tank Coffee outlets with height adjusting handles Removable drip grid and tray Display screen “On/Off” key Setting key Rotating button Hot water key Steam button OK validation key Select 1 FI Confirm SV NO DA EL IT PT ES Steam nozzle NL FR DE Water tank handle/lid P + Q - IFU_KR_COFFEEMAKER_EA69xx_0828344_EN 17/06/10 16:51 Page2 KRUPS SERIE EA69xx 1. [. . . ] Note: We recommend that you use very cold, fresh pasteurised or UHT milk that has been recently opened. After the steam function has been used, the nozzle will be hot, and we recommend that you wait for a few moments before handling it. Press the “steam” key and follow the instructions on the screen. Once your milk is frothy enough…, Again press the “steam” key to stop the cycle. To remove any remaining milk from the steam nozzle, place a container under the nozzle and press the “hot water” key . Let the steam escape for at least 10 seconds and then again press the “hot water” key to stop the process. The maximum duration for production of steam per cycle is limited to 2 minutes. 9 FI SV NO DA EL IT PT ES NL FR DE IFU_KR_COFFEEMAKER_EA69xx_0828344_EN 17/06/10 16:52 Page10 KRUPS SERIE EA69xx 6. 2 SETTING UP THE Auto-cappuccino XS 6000 (sold separately) n This auto-cappuccino accessory makes it easier to make a cappuccino or a caffe latte. Fill up the milk pot and place a cup or a glass underneath the autocappuccino nozzle. Press the button to start and then to stop the cycle Place your cup under the coffee outlets and start a coffee / espresso cycle. Make certain to protect your work surface during cleaning cycles, especially if they are made of marble, stone or wood. If your product is equipped with our Claris - Aqua Filter System cartridge F088 Please remove this cartridge during the descaling operation. N The quantity of scale deposited depends on the hardness of the water used. The appliance will automatically warn you with a message when you need to proceed with scale removal. NO EL restart at the step in progress when the incident occurred. Be sure to complete the entire cleaning cycle to avoid any risk of irritation (seek medical advice if cleaning solutions are accidently swallowed). The cleaning cycle is a continuous cycle and the pump can be heard intermittently. Note: If your machine is unplugged when cleaning or if there is a power cut, the cleaning programme will PT Just follow the instructions shown on the screen. To benefit from the guarantee conditions, it is essential to perform the appliance scale removal cycle when the appliance tells you to do so. You can continue to use the appliance but you are advised to perform the operation as soon as possible. You must remove your claris-aqua filter cartridge before starting this program. [. . . ] • Café Crème • Prepare a conventional espresso in a large cup. € Coffee liqueur* • Mix 3 cups of espresso, 250 g of brown sugar candy and 1/2 litre of Cognac or Kirsch in an empty 0. € Italian style iced coffee 4 scoops of vanilla ice-cream, 2 cups of espresso with sugar to taste, 1/8 l milk, fresh cream, grated chocolate. € Serve the scoops of ice-cream into the glasses, pour the coffee onto them and decorate with fresh cream and grated chocolate. [. . . ]


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