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[. . . ] 20 A B C D E F G Handle/water tank cover Water tank Used coffee collector Coffee outlet, height-adjustable handle Magnetic milk nozzle attachment Removable drip collector tray and grille Coffee bean container DESCRIPTION 2 Display screen L M N O P Q Display screen “On/off” button Programming button Rotate/confirmation button Cappuccino button Clean machine button 3 Milk pot R Cover S Locking lever T Clean system/Cappuccino U Flexible pipe V Cassette W Container X Steam nozzle 1 H Grinding fineness setting button I Metal grinding mill J Cleaning tablet funnel K Cup rest grille ACCESSORIES (SOLD SEPARATELY) F 088 Claris Cartridge - Aqua Filter System (depending on model). Note: For the guarantee to be valid, this machine must be used with Krups accessories only. You will appreciate both the quality of the result in your cup and its superior ease-of-use. Espresso or lungo, ristretto or cappuccino; your automatic coffee/espresso machine has been designed so that you can enjoy the same quality at home as in a bistro, whatever the time of the day and throughout the week. [. . . ] This is essential to ensure that the water circuit has been correctly rinsed. Ensure that the cleaning programme has been completed to avoid any risk of poisoning. When the message “Cleaning necessary” is displayed, you can start the automatic cleaning programme by pressing the PROG button. The automatic cleaning programme is divided into three parts: the cleaning cycle itself, then two rinsing cycles. You can start cleaning at any time by pressing PROG to display the menus then selecting MAINTENANCE ► OK ► COFFEE CLEANING. We accept no responsibility for damage caused by the use of tablets of other brands. 25 Descaling programme - duration: around 22 minutes If your product is fitted with our Claris - Aqua Filter System F088 cartridge, please remove this cartridge before the descaling operation. The amount of limescale collected depends on the hardness of the water used. The appliance will warn you by periodically displaying a message when it is time to carry out descaling. To carry out a descaling programme, you will require a container with a capacity of at least 0. When the message “Descaling necessary” is displayed, you can start the automatic descaling programme by pressing the PROG button. Carefully follow the instructions given on the screen, ensuring that the contents of the sachet have dissolved. The descaling cycle is divided into three parts: the descaling phase itself, followed by two rinsing phases. Descaling products are available from KRUPS After-Sales Service centres. We accept no responsibility for damage caused to the appliance by the use of other products. If the appliance is dropped while not in its packaging, it is recommended that you take it to an approved repair centre to avoid any risk of fire or electrical problems. If a power failure takes place or if you unplug your machine, the cycle will continue from the current phase when the power is returned. Ensure that the descaling programme has been completed to avoid any risk of poisoning. Ensure that you protect your worktop during descaling cycles, particularly if it is made of marble, stone or wood. CAPPUCCINO SYSTEM CLEANING To carry out a cleaning programme, you will require a container with a capacity of at least 0. Turn the cappuccino system's lid button to the position CLEAN (23). You can start the cleaning cycle by pressing the button PROG ► Maintenance ► Cappuccino cleaning. [. . . ] - You can also use anisette, grape eau de vie, sambuca, kirsch or Cointreau. There are many other possibilities for making your espresso really special. 75 litre bottle, mix three cups of espresso, 250 g of brown rock sugar, 1/2 litre of cognac or kirsch. - The result is a delicious liqueur, suited perfectly to coffee lovers! [. . . ]


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