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[. . . ] € Before connecting the appliance, ensure that your supply voltage corresponds to the rating of the appliance and that the supply socket is correctly earthed. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply. 10 • Unplug the appliance as soon as you have finished using it and when you clean it. € Do not use your appliance if it is not working correctly or if it has been damaged. [. . . ] Tap-water frequently contains a chlorine level that impedes the development of the coffee’s aroma. The anti-scale action allows for a longer period between descaling operations. The filter elements making up the Duo Filter (non-polluting activated vegetable carbon and anti-scale resin) comply with the food laws in force. For the protection of the consumer, it is treated with silver salts with a bacteriostatic action. € Lift the cover (a) of the water tank (b) and lift out the filter holder (k). € Rotate the lower part of the support and insert the filter into its housing. € Replace the filter holder in the coffee maker: the coffee maker is ready for use. Note: there is a rotary indicator on the upper part of the filter holder. This indicates when the Duo Filter should next be changed (l): turn the indicator so that the number of the month when the Duo Filter (j) should next be changed is opposite the index mark. Example: if you replace the Duo Filter (j) in January (1) you should set the indicator to March (3) or May (5), depending on the hardness of your local water supply. Important: • the Duo Filter must only be used with drinking water, • the coffee maker still functions if there is no filter, • if the coffee maker has not been used for more than one month, rinse the Duo Filter under running water, • it is recommended not to leave the Duo Filter in place for more than 5 months. Duo Filter Soft water Hard water Cycles about 120 about 80 Time 4 months 2 months Making coffee • Follow the illustrations from 1 to 9. € This coffee maker is fitted with a drip-stop device, allowing you to serve coffee before the water has finished running through. € Do not exceed the maximum capacity of the water tank as shown by the water level indicator (e). Your coffee maker is equipped with a permanent filter (depending on model): Place the ground coffee directly in the permanent filter. After use, throw away the grounds and rinse the filter under running water. Do not use a paper filter at the same time as the permanent filter as this may lead to overflowing. 11 NPA EU11 A 11 1/12/06, 13:21 Your coffee maker is equipped with a flavour selector (h) (according to model): This device enables you to obtain more strongly flavoured coffee, especially for 1, 2 or 3 cups (9). Your coffee maker is equipped with a vacuum pot (according to model): • To keep the coffee hotter for longer, rinse the vacuum pot out with hot water before use (c). The pot can be filled with coffee and keeps it hot without further intervention. [. . . ] - The time taken for the water to run through is too long and the appliance is very noisy: • descale your coffee maker. - The appliance stops heating even when there is water still left in the water tank : •Descale your coffee maker. Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. P65 33 4/12/06, 15:55 Dansk Beskrivelse a b c d e f g h i j K Låg til vanbeholder Vandbeholder Kande Varmeplade Vandstand Drejelig filterholder Betjening til åbning af drejelig filterholder Aromaknap Rum til ledning Duo Filter - Tilbehør tilgængeligt (ikke inklusiv) afhængig af model Duo Filterholder - Tilbehør tilgængeligt (ikke inklusiv) afhængig af model Kontrollampe for udskiftning af Duo filter l Gode råd om sikkerhed • Læs brugsanvisningen omhyggeligt igennem, før kaffemaskinen tages i brug første gang: Krups påtager sig intet ansvar for skader opstået ved forkert brug. [. . . ]


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