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[. . . ] It is equipped with a very small mesh which allows you to put the coffee directly into the machine, without the need for filter paper. To remove the Glass jug, press the safety button (B), while holding it down, simultaneously lift the locking lever (A). Remove all packaging or other accessories inside as well as outside the appliance. Run your coffee maker twice without coffee with the equivalent of a glass jug of water to rinse it (maximum 1 litre). [. . . ] When the cycle is finished, press the safety button and simultaneously raise the locking lever GENTLY to Attention: Do not touch the stainless steel machine parts: the water tank (G) and the lid of the filter (C). Sometimes there can be a cloudy appearance to the coffee due to the water quality, the type of grounds Used or its degree of fineness. If the coffee cycle takes significantly more time than usual, please carry out the descaling of the machine. Your device will automatically turn off approximately 20 min after the start of the cycle. sTORING THE POWER CORD This coffee maker is equipped with a practical system of winding the cord underneath the unit. The water tank and heater are made of stainless steel and therefore it is easy to clean. Do not attempt to remove incrustation with abrasive objects or materials; they can be lodged in the pipe And the plug (see the paragraph "descaling"). Wash the glass jug, lids and filter holder in hot water and washing-up liquid then rinse thoroughly and carefully. Occasionally, loosen the knob on the bottom of the lid of the filter and clean the interior part of the lid. After a certain period of use, the lid of the water tank, the filter holder or hot water pipe may no longer close properly. To replace them, contact The Customer Relations Department, see Contact list dESCALING Why descale The scale is naturally deposited in your coffee maker. The malfunctions related to the scaling will not be under guarantee if you return the product. When to descale The frequency of descaling depends on the water hardness and the number of coffee cycles. When the following signs are encountered: cycle time lengthened, high evaporation, high level of noise at the end of cycle, stop during the cycle, it signifies that your machine is calcified. The descaling of the coffee maker must be between 20 and 60 cycles or once a month depending on the water hardness. How to descale your KRUPS coffee maker Use the KRUPS® descaling solution diluted in 0. 5l of water or 250 ml of commercially available white vinegar in half-litre of water. The guarantee does not cover appliances which become faulty because the descaling Operations have not been carried out regularly. For spare and accessories please contact The Customer Relations Department, see contact list - Glass jug The coffee does not flow or the appliance does not turn on. N Make sure that the appliance is properly plugged in a working outlet and it is in "ON" position. [. . . ] N Make sure the gasket is positioned correctly n The coffee flow system is perhaps blocked. The packaging consists solely of environmentally friendly materials that can be disposed of according to your local recycling facilities. To find out how to dispose of the appliance itself, contact the relevant department of your local administrative body. Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. [. . . ]


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