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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] To use: - Make sure that the accessories reach the bottom of the bowl. Your appliance has a Turbo button which instantly provides full power by simply pressing the button (a2) (fig. Do not use the appliance for more than five minutes with the whisk (a6a, a6b and a8) and with the mixers (a7), when at maximum speed or in the Turbo setting. 3 Disassembly Switch the appliance off before removing the whisks or mixers from the preparation (to avoid splashing). [. . . ] Note: - Do not turn the mixer on with the articulated arm (b1) raised. - Do not use the appliance for more than five minutes with the mixers (a7) or five minutes with the whisk (a6a, a6b or a8), when at maximum speed or in the Turbo setting. - The maximum quantity of dough, including all ingredients, is 2 kg on the basis of 1 kg of bread flour for 3 Disassembly Disconnect the mixer after use. Press the button (b6) at the rear of the base support to release the articulated arm (b1) and tip it in the raised position using the mixer handle (fig. Choose one of the following drums depending on the type of food and the desired result: Drum c8: Slices: potatoes, red beetroot, carrots, cucumber, cabbage / Drum c9: Grates coarsely: potatoes, red beetroot, carrots, cheese / Drum c10: Grates finely: cheese, carrots / Drum c11: Grinds: dry foods (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, parmesan); Makes into strands: potatoes / Drum c12: Crushes: ice Clip the adaptor (c1) onto the drum holder (c2) and insert the chosen drum into the drum receptacle turning slightly so that it lodges correctly into its housing. Insert the base on the runners located on each side of the adaptor (c1) then the drum holder (c2) (fig. P osition your mixer vertically then insert the adaptor (c1) into the corresponding holes turning slightly until it locks completely (fig. 2 Use P lace the food into the feeder tude, guiding them using the pusher (c3) (fig. T o disassemble the drum holder (c2), press the button (c6) located at the front of the adaptor and remove the feeder tube (fig. Press the button (c7) at the rear to release the adaptor (c1) from the mixer (fig. Remove the base (c5) by sliding it along the runners located at each side of the adaptor (c1) then the drum holder (c2). 4 Cleaning The drum holder (c2), drums (c8 c9 c10 c11 c12), drum locking ring (c4) and the pusher (c3) are dishwasher safe. Note: - A lways use a the pusher (c3) to guide the food into the feeder tube, never your fingers, nor a fork, Spoon, knife or any other object. - When putting away your vegetable cutter, you can slide the base over the feeder tube. 1 Assembly To insert the blender attachment (d1), open the rear hatch (a5) (fig. 2 Use Depending on the type of preparation, place the ingredients in the container provided (1 l bowl (e) or 2. 5 l bowl (f) (depending on the model) or in a suitable container (bowl or beaker , preferably deep). When you blend directly in a container, remove the container from the heat source when mixing hot preparations. The food must cover at least the lower part of the blender attachment to guarantee effective functioning. The container must be filled to the maximum or two-thirds full to prevent spilling. Release the button (a4) before removing the blender attachment (d1) from the preparation to prevent splashes. - D o not use the blender attachment with hard food such as ice, sugar, coffee grains, cereals and chocolate. [. . . ] The turbo does not work You have already reached the maximum The turbo allows you to directly reach speed with the speed setting (a3) the maximum speed without using the Ensure the accessories are correctly attached (fig. Incorrect use: you have used the Use the button (a4) to operate the speed setting instead of the `whisk mixer attachment function (fig. Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Forkert håndtering: Du har brugt Tryk på knappen (a4) for at bruge hastighedsvælgeren i stedet for mikserfoden (fig. [. . . ]


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