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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Read them carefully before using your new appliance for the first time. €• The appliance is intended to prepare beverages according to these instructions. €• Do not use the appliance for anything other than its intended use. €• This appliance has been designed for indoor and non-extreme temperature conditions use only. [. . . ] Remove the plug from the •• Never leave the appliance mains socket and let the unattended during operation. €• Do not use the appliance •• To disconnect the appliance, if it is damaged, has been stop any preparation, then dropped or not operating remove the plug from the perfectly. Remove the plug from the •• Never touch the cord with wet power socket. €•  lways completely close the A lever and never lift it during operation. €• Do not put fingers into capsule compartment or the capsule shaft. €• Water could flow around a capsule when not perforated by the blades and damage the appliance. €• If a capsule is blocked in the capsule compartment, turn the machine off and unplug it before any operation. €• Empty water tank if the appliance will not be used for an extended time (holidays, etc. €• Replace water in water tank when the appliance is not operated for a weekend or a similar period of time. €• Do not use the appliance without the drip tray and drip grid to avoid spilling any liquid on surrounding surfaces. Use a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent to clean the surface of the appliance. €• When unpacking the machine, remove the plastic film and dispose. €• This appliance is designed for Nespresso coffee capsules available exclusively through the Nespresso Club or your Nespresso authorized •• FR 5 EN FR Safety Precautions representative. €• Nespresso reserves the right to change instructions without prior notice. Descaling •• Nespresso descaling agent, when used correctly, helps ensure the proper functioning of your machine over its lifetime and that your coffee experience is as perfect as the first day. 6 L  84 mm 204 mm 330 mm 9 EN FR First use or after a long period of non-use / Première utilisation ou après une longue période de non-utilisation F  actory settings: Espresso cup: 40 ml, Les réglages par défaut: tasse Espresso: Lungo cup: 110 ml; Auto Off mode: 9 mins. First, read the safety precautions to avoid risks of fatal electrical shocks and fire. - Blinking Lights: heating up (25 seconds) - Steady Lights: ready Pour allumer la machine , appuyez sur le bouton Espresso ou Lungo. Voyants clignotants: la machine est en mode préchauffage (25 secondes) Voyants fixes: la machine est prête ❸ Press the Lungo button to rinse the machine.  To turn the machine off before automatic Auto Off mode, press both the Espresso  and Lungo buttons simultaneously. Coffee Preparation / Préparation du café ❶ o turn the machine ON, press either the Espresso or T Lungo button. blinking Lights: heating up (25 seconds) Steady Lights: ready ❷ ift the lever completely and L insert the capsule. [. . . ] Com/descaling ❶ ift and close the lever to L eject the capsule into the used capsule container.  o enter the descaling mode, T > 5 sec while the machine is turned on, press both the Espresso and Lungo buttons for 5 seconds. 14 EN FR ❿  hen ready, repeat steps W 4 and 7 to now rinse the machine. La machine s’éteint Machine switches off automatically when procedure automatiquement lorsque la procédure est terminée. [. . . ]


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