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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] TIP: You should fully charge the device before you use the device on battery power. ?1 With the vehicle off, plug the power cable into a power outlet in your vehicle. ?2 Plug the other end of the power cable into the USBport on the device. ?3 Press the device onto the suction cup . ? Video Recording The device immediately begins recording video when it turns on, and it continues recording, overwriting the oldest, nonprotected videos until it turns off. ? [. . . ] You can update safety cameras for an existing safety camera subscription by going to http:?/??/?my?. garmin?. com. ?You should update your device frequently to receive the most up-to-date safety camera information. ?For some devices and regions, basic safety camera data may be included with your device. ?Included data does not include updates or a subscription. ? Button Sound: Provides audible feedback when you select keys on the device. ?File Flicker Suppression: Sets the refresh rate for recorded video to 50Hz or 60Hz. ?File Delete: Deletes video recordings or photos (Deleting Videos or Photos). ?Format Memory Card: Formats the memory card and deletes all files on the memory card. ?Restore Default Settings: Restores all settings to the factory default values. ?About: Displays device information, including the unit ID and software version. ? Calibrating the Event Detection Sensor After you install the device, you must calibrate the event detection sensor. ?NOTE: If the device does not detect events or incorrectly detects events after you calibrate the sensor, you can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor (Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Event Detection Sensor). ? Safety Camera Alerts Safety camera alerts are available only for product models with GPS. ?As you approach a safety camera, the device plays an audible alert and displays a warning icon, your current speed, and the speed limit, if available. ? Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Event Detection Sensor You can adjust the sensitivity of the event detection sensor if it does not detect events or incorrectly detects events during normal driving. ?2 Select the level of sensitivity, and select OK. ? Device Settings NOTICE Deleted or overwritten files cannot be restored. ?Event Detection: Calibrates the event detection sensor (Calibrating the Event Detection Sensor) and sets and audible alert to sound when the device detects a possible collision event. ?Protected Video Overwrite: Allows protected video recordings to be overwritten by new recordings (Protecting a Video Recording). ?You should enable this setting only if you do not want to save any protected video recordings. ?Screen Brightness: Sets the screen brightness (Adjusting the Screen Brightness). ?Screen Auto Off: Turns off the screen backlight after a period of inactivity. ? Adjusting the Volume 1 Select > Volume > OK. ?3 Select OK. ? Adjusting the Screen Brightness 1 Select > Screen Brightness > OK. ?3 Select OK. ? Adjusting the Time Zone The device automatically assigns time stamps to recorded videos and pictures. ?You can adjust the time zone to provide accurate time stamps for your area. ? [. . . ] Plug the larger end of the USB cable into an available USB 2 port on your computer. ?4 Follow the on-screen instructions. ? Setting Up Garmin Express 1 Plug the small end of the USB cable into the port on the Connecting the Device to Your Computer You can view videos and photos on your computer using the USB cable included with your device. ?A picture of your device connected to a computer appears on the device screen. ?Depending on your computer operating system, the device appears as either a removable drive or a removable volume. ? Changing the Fuse in the Vehicle Power Cable NOTICE When replacing the fuse, do not lose any of the small pieces and make sure they are put back in the proper position. ? [. . . ]


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