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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Special Safety Instructions for this Device Group head, filter holder, steam nozzle and cup tray get very hot during operation. Ensure that the filter holder (16) is secure and properly locked during operation, since this appliance works under pressure. This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and Above if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the safe use of the appliance understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and maintenance by the user shall not be made by children unless they are older 8 years and supervised. [. . . ] inserting the Drip Tray/Drip Tray Grid · Slide the drip tray for the residual water (7) into the Place the drip tray grid (6) onto the compartment as a CAUTION: Bleed the appliance before first use and after a longer period of non-use. Make sure that the drip tray (7) and the drip tray grid (6) are inserted. Turn off the pump after water is evenly emitted from the Close the steam control knob towards "OFF". CAUTION: Do not brew an espresso when the appliance is still under pressure (for example when milk has been frothed earlier). With too much pressure in the appliance, espresso leaks at the edge of the brewing head. If you want to pre-heat the cup(s) more rapidly, rinse Make sure that the drip tray (7) and the drip tray grid (6) are inserted. If you frothed milk earlier, completely release the pressure from the appliance: The switches (9) and (10) must be set to the position "". Turn the steam volume control (3) slowly in the Direction "+" until no steam comes out any longer. Close the steam volume control by turning it in the Place the insert in the filter holder. Spread the espresso grounds evenly and push down slightly with the tamper (18). The necessary brewing temperature is reached as soon as the indicator lamp "ok" lights up. Place your pre-heated cup(s) under the group head exactly on the two holes you can see in the drip tray grid. Stop the brewing process by turning off the pump when the desired amount of espresso is in your cup(s). In this way you extend the lifetime of the group head's rubber seal. Empty and refill the filter to brew another cup of espresso: WARNING: Metal parts of filter holder and filter insert are hot. Push the filter safeguard with your thumb towards the filter insert while turning the filter holder around (see Fig. Rinse the remaining coffee grounds with hot water out of the filter insert. Making Cappuccino Generally cappuccino consists of one-third coffee, one-third hot milk and one-third frothed milk. It should be creamy, such as not completely whipped cream, of a viscous texture. For the preparation you need in addition · A small frothing jug with spout (e. During the heating process hot steam/water can escape from group head and/or steam nozzle!Wait until the Briefly open the steam control knob (3) towards "+" every time before using the frothing function to drain collected condensate. [. . . ] The milk is not cold Use refrigerated The steam nozzle Clean the steam The appliance turns off automatically. In order to comply with the Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC), the appliance turns off automatically after max. The right to make technical and design modifications in the course of continuous product development remains reserved. This device has been tested according to all relevant current CE guidelines, such as electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage directives, and has been constructed in accordance with the latest regulations. [. . . ]


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