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[. . . ] Before cleaning, switch off the appliance using the On/Off switch and disconnect from the mains. Only use your TASSIMO appliance if the power cable and appliance show no signs of damage. Disconnect the appliance from the mains as soon as a fault is detected. Any repairs, such asreplacing a damaged power cable, may only be carried out by our Customer Services team in order to avoid potential danger. [. . . ] Start the cleaning process with the orange Please refer here to the section Brewing stage or there is â First Time Use, Steps 2­14. The appliance does not Clean the T DISC reading window with a soft, Smooth out the foil of the T DISC with your Finger so that the bar code can be read. The brewing unit is not Clean the brewing unit with a soft, damp cloth, Paying particular attention to the lid area. The appliance was not Switch on the appliance before inserting the switched on when inser- T DISC ting the T DISC. The piercing unit and/ or the T DISC support have not been correctly inserted. Press the piercing unit into its holder using both thumbs and check the position of the T DISC support. Place the T DISC with the printed side facing Downwards so that the tab is resting in the The brewing unit is not Clean the brewing unit with a soft, damp cloth, Paying particular attention to the lid area. The brewing unit cannot The brewing unit is still Wait until the Status LED S has stopped blinking before attempting to open the brewing unit. There is not enough Fill the tank with cold, fresh water as far as the Fill water tank R lights up even though there is enough water in the water tank. Fill water tank R and Descale Q are flashing simultaneously and it is not possible to prepare drinks. Turn the machine off using the On/Off switch, wait approximately 5 minutes and turn the machine back on. Descale Q lights up or The appliance needs to Descale the appliance. Please refer here to the Please refer here to the Or starts flashing even contains low amounts of section á Descaling. The quality of the crema The beverage outlet is Please refer here to the section à Cleaning. Please refer here to the The T DISC is damaged Do not use T DISCs that are damaged. The T DISC has not been Wait until the brewing stage has come to Remove the T DISC and clean the brewing unit. The piercing unit has not Press the piercing unit into its holder using been inserted correctly. Condensation may appear and is not caused by any fault with the appliance. The T DISC bar code provides the recommended volume for every beverage selected. Reduced quantity: During the brewing process, press the Start/Stop button to interrupt this stage. [. . . ] Korrekt bruk Dette apparatet er bare ment for bruk i private husholdninger. En Guarantee The guarantee conditions for this appliance are as defined by our representative in the country in which it is sold. Details regarding these conditions can be obtained from the dealer from whom the appliance was purchased. The bill of sale or receipt must be produced when making any claim under the terms of this guarantee. [. . . ]


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