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Manual abstract: user guide APPLE MACBOOK PRO 13 INCH2010

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Congratulations, you and your MacBook Pro were made for each other. Say hello to your MacBook Pro. www. apple. com/macbookpro Built-in iSight camera and iChat Video chat with friends and family anywhere in the world. Mac Help isight Finder Browse your files like you browse your music with Cover Flow. Mac Help finder MacBook Pro Multi-Touch trackpad Scroll through files, adjust images, and enlarge text using just your fingers. Mac Help trackpad Click anywhere Scroll Swipe Pinch and zoom Rotate Mac OS X Snow Leopard www. apple. com/macosx Time Machine Automatically back up and restore your files. Mac Help time machine Quick Look Instantly preview your files. Mac Help quick look Spotlight Find anything on your Mac. Mac Help spotlight Safari Experience the web with the fastest browser in the world. Mac Help safari iLife '11 www. apple. com/ilife iPhoto Turn your photos into something amazing. iPhoto Help photos iMovie Make a greatlooking movie in minutes. iMovie Help movie GarageBand Create a greatsounding song with ease. GarageBand Help record Contents Chapter 1: Ready, Set Up, Go 9 What'sintheBox 9 SettingUpYourMacBookPro 16 PuttingYourMacBookProtoSleeporShuttingItDown Chapter 2: Life with Your MacBook Pro 20 22 24 26 30 31 BasicFeaturesofYourMacBookPro KeyboardFeaturesofYourMacBookPro PortsonYourMacBookPro UsingtheMulti-TouchTrackpad UsingtheMacBookProBattery GettingAnswers Chapter 3: Boost Your MacBook Pro 37 ReplacingtheHardDiskDrive 44 InstallingAdditionalMemory Chapter 4: Problem, Meet Solution 51 ProblemsThatPreventYoufromUsingYourMacBookPro 56 UsingAppleHardwareTest Contents 5 57 60 61 62 63 64 66 ProblemswithYourInternetConnection ProblemswithAirPortExtremeWirelessCommunication KeepingYourSoftwareUptoDate ReinstallingtheSoftwareThatCamewithYourMacBookPro UsingDiskUtility LearningMore, Service, andSupport LocatingYourProductSerialNumber Chapter 5: Last, but Not Least 68 71 74 76 77 ImportantSafetyInformation ImportantHandlingInformation UnderstandingErgonomics AppleandtheEnvironment RegulatoryComplianceInformation Looking for Something? 82 Index 6 Contents 1 Ready, Set Up, Go www. apple. com/macbookpro Mac Help Migration Assistant YourMacBookProisdesignedsothatyoucansetitupquicklyandstartusingitright away. IfyouhaveneverusedaMacBookProorarenewtoMacintoshcomputers, read thischapterforhelpgettingstarted. Important: Readalltheinstallationinstructions(andthesafetyinformationstartingon page67)carefullybeforeyoufirstuseyourcomputer. Ifyouareanexperienceduser, youmayalreadyknowenoughtogetstarted. Makesure youlookovertheinformationinChapter2, "LifewithYourMacBookPro, "tofindout aboutthenewfeaturesofthisMacBookPro. ManyanswerstoquestionscanbefoundonyourcomputerinMacHelp. For informationaboutusingMacHelp, see"GettingAnswers"onpage31. Applemay releasenewversionsandupdatestoitssystemsoftware, sotheimagesshownin thisbookmaybeslightlydifferentfromwhatyouseeonscreen. 8 Chapter 1 Ready, Set Up, Go What's in the Box ® 60W MagSafe Power Adapter AC power cord Setting Up Your MacBook Pro YourMacBookProisdesignedsothatyoucansetitupquicklyandstartusingitright away. Thefollowingpagestakeyouthroughthesetupprocess, includingthesetasks:  Plugginginthe60WMagSafePowerAdapter  Connectingcablesandaccessinganetwork  TurningonyourMacBookProandusingthetrackpad  ConfiguringauseraccountandothersettingsusingSetupAssistant  SettinguptheMacOSXdesktopandpreferences Chapter 1 Ready, Set Up, Go 9 Important: Removetheprotectivefilmaroundthe60WMagSafePowerAdapter beforesettingupyourMacBookPro. [. . . ] If you press the battery button, and the battery indicator lights flash from left to right and then from right to left, five times in a row Yourbatteryisnotrecognized. ContactanAppleRetailStoreoranAppleAuthorized ServiceProvider. If you forget your password Youcanresetyouradministratorpasswordandpasswordsforallotheraccounts. 1 InserttheMac OS X Install DVD. ThenrestartyourcomputerandholddowntheCkeyas itstartsup. 3 Whenthenextscreenappears, chooseResetPasswordfromtheUtilitiesmenuinthe menubar. Followtheonscreeninstructions. If you have trouble ejecting a disc  Quitanyapplicationsthatmightbeusingthediscandtryagain.  Ifthisdoesn'twork, restartthecomputerwhileholdingdownthetrackpad. Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution 55 Using Apple Hardware Test IfyoususpectaproblemwiththeMacBookProhardware, youcanusetheApple HardwareTestapplicationtohelpdetermineifthereisaproblemwithoneofthe computer'scomponents, suchasthememoryorprocessor. To use Apple Hardware Test: 1 Disconnectallexternaldevicesfromyourcomputerexceptthepoweradapter. 3 WhentheAppleHardwareTestchooserscreenappears, selectthelanguageyouwant touse. 5 WhentheAppleHardwareTestmainscreenappears(afterabout45seconds), follow theonscreeninstructions. 6 IfAppleHardwareTestdetectsaproblem, itdisplaysanerrorcode. Makeanoteofthe errorcodebeforepursuingsupportoptions. IfAppleHardwareTestdoesn'tdetecta hardwarefailure, theproblemmaybesoftwarerelated. Ifthisproceduredoesn'twork, youcanuseAppleHardwareTestfromthe Applications Install DVD thatcamewithyourcomputer. Formoreinformation, seetheApple HardwareTestReadMefileontheApplications Install DVD. 56 Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution Problems with Your Internet Connection YourMacBookProhastheNetworkSetupAssistantapplicationtohelpwalkyou throughsettingupanInternetconnection. OpenSystemPreferencesandclickNetwork. IfyouhavetroublewithyourInternetconnection, youcantrythestepsinthissection startingwithNetworkDiagnostics. 2 ClickNetworkandthenclick"Assistme. " 3 ClickDiagnosticstoopenNetworkDiagnostics. IfNetworkDiagnosticscan'tresolvetheproblem, theremaybeaproblemwiththe Internetserviceprovider(ISP)youaretryingtoconnectto, withanexternaldeviceyou areusingtoconnecttoyourISP, orwiththeserveryouaretryingtoaccess. Youcantry thefollowingsteps. Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution 57 Cable Modem, DSL, and LAN Internet Connections Makesureallmodemcablesarefullypluggedin. Checkthemodempowercord, the cablefromthemodemtothecomputer, andthecablefromthemodemtothewall jack. AlsocheckthecablesandpowersuppliesforEthernethubsandrouters. Turn the modem off and on to reset the modem hardware TurnoffyourDSLorcablemodemforafewminutes, andthenturnitbackon. SomeISPsrecommendthatyouunplugthemodem'spowercord. Ifyourmodemhasa resetbutton, youcanpressiteitherbeforeorafteryouturnthepoweroffandon. Important: InstructionsthatrefertomodemsdonotapplytoLANusers. LANusers mighthavehubs, switches, routers, orconnectionpodsthatDSLandcablemodem usersdonothave. LANusersshouldcontacttheirnetworkadministratorratherthan anISP. PPPoE Connections IfyouareunabletoconnecttoyourInternetserviceproviderusingPPPoE(Pointto PointProtocoloverEthernet), makesureyouhaveenteredthecorrectinformationin Networkpreferences. 3 ClickAdd(+)atthebottomofthenetworkconnectionserviceslist, andchoosePPPoE fromtheInterfacepop-upmenu. 58 Chapter 4 Problem, Meet Solution 4 ChooseaninterfaceforthePPPoEservicefromtheEthernetpop-upmenu. Choose Ethernetifyouareconnectingtoawirednetwork, orAirPortifyouareconnectingtoa wirelessnetwork. 5 Entertheinformationyoureceivedfromyourserviceprovider, suchastheaccount name, password, andPPPoEservicename(ifyourserviceproviderrequiresit). Network Connections MakesuretheEthernetcableisconnectedtoyourMacBookProandtothenetwork. IfyouhavetwoormorecomputerssharinganInternetconnection, besurethatyour networkissetupproperly. YouneedtoknowifyourISPprovidesonlyoneIPaddress orifitprovidesmultipleIPaddresses, oneforeachcomputer. IfonlyoneIPaddressisprovided, thenyoumusthavearoutercapableofsharingthe connection, alsoknownasnetworkaddresstranslation(NAT)or"IPmasquerading. " Forsetupinformation, checkthedocumentationprovidedwithyourrouteror askthepersonwhosetupyournetwork. YoucanuseanAirPortbasestationto shareoneIPaddressamongmultiplecomputers. Forinformationaboutusingan AirPortbasestation, checkMacHelporgototheAppleAirPortwebsiteat www. apple. com/support/airport. [. . . ] CetappareilnumériquedelaClassBrespectetouteslesexigences duRèglementsurlematérielbrouilleurduCanada. 77 Industry Canada Statement ComplieswiththeCanadianICES-003ClassBspecifications. CetappareilnumériquedelaclasseBestconformeàlanorme NMB-003duCanada. ThisdevicecomplieswithRSS210ofIndustry Canada. Taiwan Wireless Statements Bluetooth Europe--EU Declaration of Conformity ThiswirelessdevicecomplieswiththeR&TTEDirective. Europe--EU Declaration of Conformity TheequipmentcomplieswiththeRFExposureRequirement 1999/519/EC, CouncilRecommendationof12July1999onthe limitationofexposureofthegeneralpublictoelectromagnetic fields(0Hzto300GHz). Hereby, AppleInc. declaresthatthis802. 11a/b/g/nMini-PCIecardis incompliancewiththeR&TTEDirective. ComplieswithEuropeanLowVoltageandEMCDirectives. See: www. apple. com/euro/compliance Taiwan Class B Statement Korea Warning Statements VCCI Class B Statement Singapore Wireless Certification Russia 78 External USB Modem Information WhenconnectingyourMacBookProtothephonelineusingan externalUSBmodem, refertothetelecommunicationsagency informationinthedocumentationthatcamewithyourmodem. ENERGY STAR® Compliance AsanENERGYSTAR®partner, Applehasdeterminedthatstandard configurationsofthisproductmeettheENERGYSTAR®guidelines forenergyefficiency. TheENERGYSTAR®programisapartnership withelectronicequipmentmanufacturerstopromoteenergyefficientproducts. Reducingenergyconsumptionofproducts savesmoneyandhelpsconservevaluableresources. [. . . ]


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